We are Proud of former members of Lawrence Folgo’s Programs

Christiana Leucas

Christian Lopez

Adam Ciesielski

Koby-Kumi Diaka

Kyle George

Miguel Izaguirre

Welcome to Actors Venture USA

All over America, talents of all ages and types want to be in Show Business. Actors, Models, Singers and Dancers have a desire to pursue a career in Film and Television.

ACTORS VENTURE USA will save you precious years and thousands of dollars in pursuing your dream. TIME is something you CAN’T get back!
ACTORS VENTURE USA is a team of professionals that have a lifetime of experience guiding actors properly throughout their journey in the business. Through our 7 Day Program in LA, you can expect to perform in showcases at the iconic Oakwood, located in the heart of Film and Television, meet and audit with the best Acting Coaches, find the best affordable places to live, seek a part time job and learn your way around LA. And that’s just to name a few of the experiences!

Becoming a working Actor is NOT easy.
You MUST have Drive, Determination, Passion, Strength, Commitment, Dedication and Patience.

ACTORS VENTURE USA will bring you closer to your dreams. ACHIEVING is BELIEVING!

Do you have the “IT” Factor?

"I think this program is a must join for beginning actors. With the training and introductions alone it shaves at the very least 3 years off of the startup of your career. Larry Folgo is my Angel of Acting."–Christiana Leucas

A miracle for serious actors. This program guides them through the proper channels, opening doors while giving them confidence an actor would need.–Adam Ciesielski - Program Member

Larry’s acting showcase was truly a joy to attend and was a generous mix of up and coming talent. Looking forward to the next one...–Sumer Stamper – JLA Talent

I have attended several showcases held by ACTORS VENTURE USA. Each time I have found interesting new talent, who have all been well coached and prepared for their showcase. I have signed one as a client and am considering several others for future representation.–Terrie Snell - LA Talent Ink

ACTORS VENTURE USA provides great training, guidance and exposure to prestigious Los Angeles talent agencies and management companies, enabling the talent to be well prepared for the LA market.”–Debbie Palmer Beal – Beal Talent & Associates

“Pushed me to places I never thought I would go, revealed strengths I never knew I had, made the impossible dream become a reality.”–George Kokkoris – Program Member

“Thank you for the invite to the showcase. The talent was terrific.”–Debra-Lynn Findon – Discover Management